Cintamani stone

The Cintamani stone, which is rarer than diamonds, seems to be a very fascinating "stone" ... and has been revered in both Asia and India for a long time. A similar "stone", columbianite, is considered a sacred stone by the Muisca tribes in Colombia.

By the Muiscas it is called "Piedra Rayo", which means "Stone of Lightning ... or stone of light". Furthermore, it is used by Colombian shamans to communicate with the "unknown" and with "higher beings".

The history of the original Cintamani

Genuine Cintamani stones are -apparently- found in only one place in the Asian continent. "Stones" that resemble Cintamani are: Tektite, Moldavite, Pseudotektite, Saffordite, Obsidian and whatever else they may be called. The interesting thing about the whole story, however, is the fact that even today many "professionals" disagree on how these stones were formed.

In Indonesia they are called "fire pearls".

While certain experts believe that they were formed by volcanic eruptions, other sources say that they originally came from a star system in which a planet exploded, and that fragments from it reached Earth after a long journey through interstellar space.

Whichever statement may be the " correct " one, it is not important to me. The main point is that they have a good effect on our personal well-being!

These photos show very well how these stones look when exposed to a light source.

Buddhist mythology

In Buddhist mythology, the Cintamani refers less to the fulfillment of worldly aspirations than to the jewel of enlightened consciousness that exists within all beings. As a symbol of self-existent abundance, Cintamani Mahakala reveals the secrets of Buddhist alchemy: namely, that true abundance is achieved through generosity and that compassionate foresight frees us from impoverishing attachments.

All the material wealth we accumulate is given up at the moment of death. Only the wealth we accumulate spiritually benefits us in the intermediate world of heavenly visions.

If you seek prosperity for all humanity, the realms of Cintamani Mahakala open before you and offer an abundance of wish-fulfilling jewels. If you seek wealth only for yourself, you compete with all other human beings.

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