Blonay, October 23, 2022. In the early morning, so about 06:00h my deep sleep was interrupted by a -for me- loudly perceptible voice. This "whispered" the following into my right ear ... and this so loudly that I sat up abruptly in the bed:

"You can use your columbianite stones to offer remote healing".

Oops !!! I think I have not been so quickly awake as this morning for a long time. Not only awake, but wide awake ... and enveloped by an energy that I had not experienced in this form for a long time. I felt a kind of electricity in the whole body; and that without Ristretto ;-)

Columbianite ? you may ask yourself... What's that ?

An acquaintance of mine, who has been studying precious and semi-precious stones for a good 30 years, had offered me four columbianites in mid-September 2022, which I glanced at and then set aside. Then, in late September 2022, I took the time to find out a bit more about columbianite. The information I read prompted me to meditate with these columbianites. They accompanied me day and night. It was also interesting to note that in their context there was often mention of the Cintamani stone and tachyon energy; a subject I have been involved with for a good 30 years. So I felt inspired to offer remote treatments with columbianite stones and tachyon energy.

Just briefly: You can find the tachyon products that I have been offering since 1997 together with my esteemed business partner, Norbert Kindl from the company Terra Line GmbH and our team under this link.

* * *

Why the magic TELEOIS masses play an important role in this project, I will explain to you later in the Teleois section. But for now I will take you to the Cintamani rubric. There you will learn a bit more about the Cintamani Stone and the Colombianite, the "Stone of Light".