The remote treatments I am privileged to offer are a bit like the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

I consider the people -who use "my" service- as a caterpillar: Curious and full of desire to devour knowledge, the caterpillar embarks on a long journey ... with ups and downs ... sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied. And when it feels that it has gathered enough information and impressions, the time is ripe for it to prepare for the next stage of its life: metamorphosis.

If life before metamorphosis was destined to explore the element of earth, afterwards it is possible for this being to explore the element of air as well ... and to gain further interesting experiences as a butterfly.

Using the sacred stone of the Muiscas Indians and special Tachyon products, I offer remote healing treatments that can help support metamorphosis.

Procedure of the remote treatment

1. In order for your energetic signature to connect optimally with the columbianite stone, I ask you to send me by postal mail a small piece of sturdy paper (25mm x 45mm) on which you please write your name in pencil (not in ink or with a ballpoint pen).

This procedure, which by the way is also used in White Light Radionics, has proven itself over decades as an optimal "information carrier" for remote treatments.

2. After receiving your slip of paper ... and after receiving your data of the registration form ... and after receiving your payment (Bank transfer, PayPal or TWINT) ... I will "wrap" you (resp. the piece of paper with your data) like a caterpillar ... and put you -together with a columbianite stone- into the "incubator" which serves as an information mediator.

Before I put your future columbianite in the " little basket ", I cleanse it with the Pomander Original White from Aura-Soma. This Pomander is excellent for cleansing semi-precious and precious stones as well as crystals. If you want to know more about this essence, just click on this link; you will see that this essence can be supportive for many situations.

On this incubator (see sketch) is a tachyonized object, which is unique in this form.

This object is made of maple wood, glass dome and gilded ornaments ... and in the center of the glass dome is a very special Cintamani stone. The incubator also contains six tachyonized Solfeggio amulets.

If you are interested in detailed information about the Solfeggio amulets, just click on this link ; you will be automatically connected to my WEB-Shop Le Papillon Bleu.

More details about the remote treatment

Unlike many other people who offer remote treatments, I do not apply my personal energy, because I think I am not brave enough ;-) I leave the energy transmission to your personal columbianite and the tachyon products that are above and inside the "sending device".

Duration of the remote treatment

The duration of the remote treatment is unlimited. "You" (together with your personal columbianite stone) stay in the "incubator" as long as you want. Your investment does not expire and does not need to be renewed.

Registration for remote treatment

Have I piqued your interest? If so, you can find all the information you need to get this experience rolling in the registration section.