The name of this homepage is, as you have noticed in the meantime: Somehow the baby had to be baptized ;-)

It is logical that coincidence was (not) at work. The name Teleois was already the godfather for a tachyon product which I was allowed to channel "medially" at the beginning of October 2014: the TELEOIS-Monolith. Under this link you will find detailed information about this little "thing".

Only this much can be said at this point: The TELEOIS-Monolith promotes protection and well-being and generates a source of power as well as a harmonious morphogenetic energy field in which we and our thoughts and free will can move unhindered; keywords that are also contained in the credo with which I offer the remote treatments:

Love * well-being * abundance *
* health * blessing *

PS: In the room where I placed the "incubator" there is a very special TELEOIS-Monolith. With good reason ;-)

In the next rubric I will introduce you to the "ingredients" I use for Remote Healing.