Ho'okipa pumehana

Glad that you show interest in my service ;-)

This homepage, like so many other things in my life, was actually not planned at all; I created it after I was recently once again "contacted" by one of my invisible, interdimensional advisors. And this in a way that I could not overlook, or rather overhear.

PS: While editing the introduction of this homepage, the Equilibrium Essence No. 3 of Aura-Soma spontaneously came to my mind:

Atlantean / The Heart Bottle

This Equilibrium essence has occupied an important place since the opening of my small Feng-Shui boutique in Vevey, Le Papillon Bleu.

* * *

And now to the history of the creation of this homepage

To my big surprise - I can't really say it any other way - in the early morning (still half asleep) of the 23rd of October 2022 an information was transmitted to me; an information which I will explain to you in more detail in the next rubric. An information, which brought really fresh wind into my life. An information which has awakened a new kind of lust for life in me. Cool ;-))

"The more peaceful I become, the more light is given to me."

* * *